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Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Why not ditch the wrapping paper and make a sustainable swap by using fabric to wrap your presents instead?

Wrapping with fabric, or ‘Furoshiki’ as the Japanese call it, makes a wonderful alternative when it comes to wrapping gifts, especially as it can be used time and time again.

Whether you choose to use fabric remnants, a tea towel or even a pretty silk scarf, here is a super simple technique for you to follow to create stylish (and sustainable) presents in no time. This is wrapping, but 'knot' as you know it!

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This feature was originally in the May 2020 issue Prima magazine

You Will Need

  • Fabric (usually square, but rectangles can work too)

  • Fabric scissors

  • Long ruler or set square

  • Optional finishing touches: sprigs of flowers, gift tag etc.

Fabrics used: Peach - Eternal Majivu. Patterned - Pastels Parade, from £3.50 per fat quarter, Cloth & Candy

Gold - Hatchmarks. Blue - Anna in Blue, Sprinkles Basics, from £3.75 per fat quarter, The Crafty Mastermind

Simple top knot wrapping

1 To measure how much fabric you need, first lay your fabric out on your work surface, right side down. Position your gift at an angle a few centimeters away from the bottom right corner, then fold the fabric over.

2 Roll the gift over twice, wrapping the fabric around as you do so.

3 Make a mark on the edge of the fabric where the folded fabric ends. Measure from here to the bottom right corner, then use this measurement to make another mark on the right edge of the fabric.

4 Using the marks as a guide, place a long ruler or set square on the fabric to lightly draw a square. Cut out using fabric scissors.

TIP - to stop the fabric from fraying you can either use pinking shears or create a very simple hem on all four edges of the fabric square, remembering to add and extra 5mm to your measurements for seam allowance

5 Place the gift on the fabric, as in Step 1, and roll it up so it’s completely covered by the fabric.

6 Fold over then pinch in the fabric on either side of the gift.

7 Take the two ends and tie in a simple knot

8 Pulling tightly, tie again to create a double knot. Fan out the edges of the fabric for a neater look. And voila! Easy peasy wrapping.

You can finish off your fabric wrapped gifts by tucking in little sprigs of flowers (real or artificial) or adding a handwritten card or tag. (Artificial flowers, from a selection at Dunelm

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