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Crafts for Kids

Kids at home climbing the walls? How about getting crafty with these fun and easy paper craft projects? Choose from making a feather crown, the cutest tiny bunting or a rain cloud greeting card. Not much is needed either, just some paper, scissors and glue.

Let the fun commence!


Get in the festival mood, whatever time of year it is with this feather paper crown.

You could adapt the colours to what you have at home, or a certain about a white sparkly crown for Christmas or a muted natural style crown from brown craft card and recycled packaging? Experiment and have some fun!

You Will Need

  • Card (an old cereal box will do)

  • Colour thin card or paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Tape measure

  • Glue

1 TO MAKE THE HEADBAND: Using a tape measure, measure around your child’s head. Then add 5cm to this measurement (for overlapping when you come to join it) and use it to cut a 5cm wide strip of thin card.

2 TO MAKE THE FEATHER TEMPLATES: You can either find a feather template online, or use my picture as reference to create 3-5 different sized feather templates from card.

3 Draw round the templates onto different coloured card or paper and carefully cut out.

4 Glue the feathers all along the headband, overlapping them as you go. Leave the last 5cm clear. Leave to dry.

5 Pop the feather crown onto your child’s head, then overlap the two ends of the headband. Remove the feather crown and glue the headband.

6 You can then add more feathers if you want to fill in any gaps.

This is from my crafting archives, a project I did Paperchase many moons ago.


Bunting doesn't have to be huge, how about creating some cheery tiny bunting to decorate your home instead?

Using scraps of old wrapping paper, old greeting cards, newspaper, even leaflets through the door that are usually discarded. Then drape from the windows, above your child's bed, it would also be ideal for a dolls house!

You Will Need

  • Paper, card (anything you want!)

  • Thin card for template (old cereal box)

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • String or ribbon

  • PVA Glue (or you could use tape)

1 Cut a small triangle template from a piece of card (mine measured about 3cm)

2 Draw round the triangle template onto the back of the different papers, and cut out

3 Cut a long length of ribbon, string or twine. .

4 Turn the triangles upside down, then apply some PVA along the top edge of a triangle.

5 Place the ribbon into the glue. Then repeat with all the other triangles. .

NOTE: If PVA is too messy you can use sticky or washi tape cut into small pieces.

6 Wait for the glue to dry, before lifting it up. Then string it up around the house to cheer everyone up!

~ Mini bunting looks so cute, but you don’t have to make them so small ~

~ How about making teeny tiny bunting for a cake?! ~

~ You could draw a letter onto each triangle to spell out a happy phrase or your child’s name ~

This project was taken from my book Paper Christmas, published by Search Press


You don't need to be super artistic to create a beautiful card to send to a friend or loved one.

This raincloud card uses tracing paper to create the cloud, by overlapping the circles of tracing paper gives a lovely layered effect. Then add drops of rain in different colours, you could recycle old cards, use wrapping paper or even newspaper, whatever you have lying around the house!

You Will Need

  • Blank card (or a piece of A5 card folded in half)

  • Tracing paper (or greaseproof paper)

  • Brown paper (optional)

  • Coloured paper or thin card

  • A selection of round items (eg. coins, glue stick, nail varnish)

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Glue

1 Cut a piece of brown paper slightly smaller than your blank card, and stick down.

2 Create circles by drawing round a variety of round items onto a piece of tracing paper, then cut them all out.

3 Draw raindrops onto the back of some coloured papers, some can be big and some small. Cut out.

4 Arrange the tracing paper circles on the card first, overlapping them, to create a cloud. When you are happy with the arrangement, tick them down.

5 Finally stick the coloured raindrops beneath the cloud, in little lines.

6 Then write a message inside to a friend. You could add HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the front, or even the recipient's name to personalise it.

~ This project doesn't even need to be a card, you could follow the same instructions to make a piece of art to frame or pop on the fridge with a magnet! ~



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