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How to Make Fabulous Fabric Stars

These super fabric stars are so pretty, and so simple to make. All you need are some basic sewing skills and some scraps of fabric and you're halfway there!

I've teamed up with Moon to create these stars - Moon produce the most beautiful weaved fabrics, right here in the UK, so I've chosen a couple of their brightest designs - well, why not!

I have styled them up for the festive season, but stars don't have to be just for Christmas! They can be hung in a nursery or child's room, on the back of a door or window, you could even fill them with lavender and pop them in with your delicates. Or how about a wedding favour? The possibilities....!

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You Will Need

- Fabric -

- Star template - download one here

- Sewing machine and matching sewing thread

- Fabric chalk

- Fabric scissors and small craft scissors

- Ruler

- Pins

- Toy stuffing (or similar)

- Thin ribbon

- Needle

1 Place your star template onto the fabric, and draw round the template twice with a fabric pencil.

NOTE: If you are using patterned fabric, remember to draw the template on the wrong side of the fabric.

2 Use fabric scissors to carefully cut out both star shapes from the fabric.

3 Cut a length of thin ribbon then, with right sides facing, place one end of the ribbon onto one of the points of the star, so it hangs over the edge slightly.

TIP: Add a safety pin to the loose end, so it's easier to find when turning through.

4 Place the other fabric star on top (right sides facing), so the ribbon is sandwiched in between, and pin the two stars together.

5 (If you are a whizz on a sewing machine, skip this step!) Measure and mark 5mm from the edges of the star and, using a ruler, draw a line all the way round.

6 Fix matching sewing threads into your sewing machine, then using a straight stitch, stitch all around the star - making sure to stitch over the ribbon and leaving an opening for turning through - make sure it's big enough when using thick materials like this tweed.

7 Using a small pair of scissors, snip off the points of the star and at each corner - Make sure you don't cut into the stitches!

Getting rid of this excess fabric will help with turning through, and make the star look less 'bulky'.

8 Turn the star to the right side, through the opening. You can use the handle of a wooden spoon to help you push the fabric through - be careful not to push too hard, otherwise you'll damage the stitches.

9 Fill your star with toy stuffing. Push the stuffing into the points first, you could use a pen or the handle of a spoon to help you get right into the points.

TIP: if you have an old cushion, use the stuffing from that. Alternatively you could use cotton wool, old tights, feathers or lavender!

10 Finally hand-stitch the opening closed using matching sewing thread.

Then it's up to you what you do next! You could make a whole batch of them, or just a couple more in different sizes; group them together above a fireplace or on the Christmas tree. It's up to you! But these fabulous fabric stars are a sure fire win, whatever time of year!

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