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Paper Christmas Tree Dome

Create this stunning glittery forest display using glittered card and my templates, and house them under a glass dome sprinkled with snow.

This project is taken from my book, Paper Christmas

- 16 cool and contemporary makes for the festive season!

Whether placed on the mantel, in a window or even as part of your Christmas table, this lovely little display will look magical year after year. You could even add a string of twinkly fairy lights inside for some added sparkle!


Glittered card in gold, silver, black and white

Glass dome or cloche with a base (I used this one from Lights4fun) Thin card for the templates Tracing paper and pencil

Scissors PVA glue and paintbrush Artificial snow Templates (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

1 Trace off the five different-sized trees and the star (below) and use them to make templates from thin card.

2 From gold glittered card: cut a large tree, a small tree and one star to go on the black glittered card tree.

From silver glittered card: cut a medium tree.

From white glittered card: cut a short, fat tree.

From black glittered card: cut a medium, thin tree.

TIP: You don’t need to use glittered paper for this project. You could use up some old scraps of wrapping paper or wallpaper, or even fabric swatches, sandwiching a piece of card in between to strengthen them.

3 To make the trees sturdy, and so they look pretty from all angles, you will need to cut a second tree for each, so each tree has a pair. This time, flip over your tracing to create a mirror image so that when the trees are placed back to back they are symmetrical.

4 Glue the pairs of trees together, but only glue down part of the trunk. Snip off any excess card around the edges to neaten the tree up.

5 Fold out the base of the trunk to create two flat tabs.

6 Repeat these steps for all five trees, finishing the black tree with a little gold star.

7 Starting with the large gold tree, apply some glue to the tabs and position towards the back of the dome base – test putting the dome over the top to make sure the trees don’t get knocked or squashed.

8 Add the trees in order: medium silver; short, fat white; medium, thin black; then the little gold tree.

Remember to place the dome temporarily over the top of the arrangement to double-check the positioning of your trees.

9 Sprinkle some artificial snow around the base – you can add some little festive characters into the dome at this stage, too.

Finally, place the glass dome over the top of the arrangement to complete your glittery forest display.

And how about creating a mini version of your wintery display?

I featured just three trees, using the small tree template from the large dome, and two smaller ones!

How cute is this!

On Display

Styled simply with my trusty stag and fawn, a cluster of wooden stars and a sprinkle of artificial snow.



And if you do, I would love to see your creations and any projects I have inspired you to create.

Please tag me (@editbyemily) on Instagram and I will repost your pictures and share the love!

This project was taken from my book Paper Christmas, published by Search Press, 2018.

Available direct from Search Press and all good book shops, RRP £9.99.

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