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If you already have all the calligraphy materials (nib, dip pen and ink) but you would like to join my online workshop to really perfect your Modern Calligraphy style, then you're in luck!


Saturday and Sunday Workshops: 11am-1pm


Join me on a (hopefully glorious) Saturday morning for my popular virtual calligraphy workshop.


I will teach you all the skills you need to produce your very own beautiful modern calligraphy - all from the comfort of your own home! We will start right at the beginning, from how to hold the pen, right the way through to all the sweeps and strokes you need to transform an everyday word or phrase into a stunning work of art.​


I will post you the practice papers ahead of the workshop as well as sending you the Zoom link.


​This is such a wonderful chance to get creative, 'meet' like-minded people, switch off from all the madness of this year and enjoy some guilt-free ‘you time’. So put away your phone for a couple of hours (well maybe the odd pic for Instagram), and lets get creative! 

Calligraphy Workshop NOT including MATERIALS (Various Dates)

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