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Painted Eggs - Mr Narwhal

Painting eggs is such a lovely craft to do in the run up to Easter. Whether you are using blown eggs or ceramic ones, you can decorate them in so many varied why not create a Mr Narwhal egg? He's fun, cheeky and will bring a smile to anyone who has the pleasure of meeting him!

This is a simple craft to do with the kids too, so get your eggs and paints ready, because we're diving in!


  • Egg - either a real one or ceramic

  • Paint - two shades of blue, grey and pink

  • Paintbrush - medium and fine

  • Turquoise felt

  • Scissors

  • Glue - PVA is best

  • Paper

  • Black fine line pen

1 Paint the egg with blue paint. Try putting the egg on a roll of washi tape or in an egg cup to stop it from rolling around. Leave the egg to dry, and apply a second coat of paint if needed.

2 Once the paint has dried, cut a tail and two fins from blue felt. Attach to the egg with some PVA glue.

3 Create a horn by rolling up a piece of paper into a tight cone, apply some glue as you roll and hold until it has adhered. Snip the end so it's flat, apply some PVA and press onto the egg.

4 Draw a little smiling face just below the horn. Then add two cheeks with pink paint.

5 Add little strokes of paint in a a darker blue shade to the underside of the narwhal. Pop him back on the washi tape or egg cup and leave to dry.

6 Continue the stokes of blue paint along the top of the narwhal and leave to dry.

And voila! Your very own little Mr Narwhal egg friend!

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