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Fabric Wrapping

Wrapping up food* and gifts with fabric is a wonderful and sustainable choice. It looks soooo pretty plus you can reuse the fabric again and again, so it's a no brainer really!

Using the Japanese traditional technique of Furoshuki, use fabric oddments, napkins and even silk scarves work. Experiment with different sizes of fabric too, so you can make real flourishes with your bows!

You can even use a very large piece of fabric to put all of the individual wrapped items in....or make my matching fabric lunch bag

* Dried goods, fruit, veg and packets work best here. I'd advise you don't use fabric to wrap up anything wet like cut up fruit or cheese!

1 Simply place a square of fabric right side down on the tabletop, position the food (or whatever you are wrapping) a few centimetres away from the bottom right corner, then fold the fabric over.

2 Roll the food up diagonally, wrapping the fabric around as you go.

3 Pinch in the fabric on either side of the wrapped food, then take the two ends and tie in a single or double knot.


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